3 comments on “Good King Croesus Takes a Fall

    • Good question.

      It was probably some kind of secret ceremony involving incense, peppermints, the color of time, and other weird mumbo-jumbo lost to us moderns. But back then doing something horribly shameful like inadvertently marrying your mother (reference the tragedy Oedipus Rex); or accidentally murdering your brother, or something else like that usually resulted in extremely bad things happening. So there were secret cleansing ceremonies, beseeching of the Gods; you know, all that mythological stuff.

      Bottom line: I do not know and Googling it didn’t help much. I would guess anything involving the ritual use of kale, spirulina or pysillium would fall more into the ancient medical category than absolve-me-from-heinous-sin category. But again, I am just a simple man not at all well-educated in this stuff so if anybody knows precisely what sort of ritual was used please weigh in.

      Also from reading the context of Herodotus, it seems like there was a somewhat vague reference to Atys being part of that cleansing ritual.

      and the slayer also of the man who had cleansed him

      Yeah. Reading this ancient stuff you quickly find out there are lots of blanks we moderns just don’t get. But luckily some people still major in the Classics and Archeology and are updating our understanding.

      I’m going to deal with why we know so little of these ancient people – yet know enough about them to make the claim that they are the source of our civilization – in later posts.

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  1. What is it about men and pigs? Atys and his father remind me of Shaespeare’s Venus and Adonis. That old cougar, Venus, just wants to make love and the young Adonis wants to go boar hunting. Venus reminds him of what he will be giving up, after all, that supreme badass, Mars, really wants her, why doesn’t Adonis want her? Alas, the boar kills Adonis. Game over.



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