Here’s why I love poetry and why it’s part of this blog.

I didn’t used to love it, but  fell in love with it.  Here’s what happened.  As a youngster, I disliked it because practically everything poetic-wise I was exposed to was standard American or English poetry.  It did not turn me on and made little sense.

It also seemed weird, and it seemed, from my limited experience, that weird people liked it.

Then I started studying German.  Did the light come on?  Yes!  The high-beams hit me right in the face.  Read Icelandic sagas.  Stumbled onto Irish poetry. Read Rumi, Rimbaugh, Cervantes, Dante, and only then, started to like and “get” Anglo poetry.

Bought a couple of how-to books on poetry.  Took a shot at writing a few poems.  Wow.  I can distinctly recall saying to myself, “why wasn’t I taught this in school”?

No I am not an expert in the topic of “poetry” nor am I formally educated in it; but I’m sure there are plenty of places to hang out on the web where people are.  Here, it’s just a love-thing!



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