4 comments on “Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and Kitt Peak

  1. This was awesome on every level. Awesome descriptions, photos, everything. You teally captured the essence of the whole place and we really enjoyed this blog post. Those Olsens who own that store are no doubt descended from the large number of Mormon immigrants that came to Southern AZ in the mid to late 1800s straight from Scandinavia.

    There were recruiters who went by boat regularly to recruit people from the UK and Scandinavia to move straight to AZ and Utah. They sailed into Galveston and New Orleans and then took the Mormon trail across Texas to Utah and AZ. There they were joined by the founding Mormons of the Midwest and Texas, who refused to fight in the Civil War, opposing slavery, and being themselves persecuted.

    This was Indian terropitory and having multiple wives came in handy not only to deal with all the rough conditions and chores, but to maintain critical mass due to these harsh elements. It is conjectured that without plural wives they would not have succeeded in establishing their towns and would have failed to thrive altogether.

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    • Thanks for stopping by leocassetti!

      Interesting history in-fill too…a couple of things one notices while out in the desert and its communities; one is the history. There are a lot of unique stories surrounding these remote, rough areas, and the stories are little told for the most part. And I found that interesting about the Scandinavian Mormons. I hadn’t known, and I doubt that nowadays few people know, that a number of Scandinavians had converted to Mormonism in the 19th century in their home countries, and then emigrated to here after conversion! So that well-placed grocery store very well could have been founded by descendants of those immigrants.

      Another thing about the desert expanses you notice, from inside the air-conditioned SUV you are riding in while sipping a cool beverage, is just how rough and inhospitable the area is. One had to be pretty tough to survive out there!

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