4 comments on “A Visit to Mount Graham

  1. Spectacular. Transporting! Beyond words. Read it out loud to husband, who had many questions about this journey and is now inspired to go 🙂
    We particularly enjoyed the Tolkien-esque references to the unseen, and all the historical and scientific references, as well.
    The journey started in that elementary school desk…may there be many more journies and journals such as this.

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    • Thanks for stopping by leocassetti! Yes, I can see why this area is sacred to the Native Americans and has been for a long time. And note the American Military even sent their wounded up on the mountain to recover…it is a healing place. Also, I’m not sure it came through in the blog, but the stopping places all have easily accessible short walking trails; and I’m sure you can just keep going on them for miles and miles – but it’s easy to get a feel for the place without a long, long hike. I was also amazed at how few people were up there – there were some people and even a couple of noisy ATVs; but really, not that hard to be alone somewhere up there. The one exception was that Shannon campground was completely full (?). I think it’s relatively empty up there because 1, it’s an enormous area, 2, it is relatively remote.

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