4 comments on “Before the Law

  1. Thanks for sharing – my German teacher liked to have us read Kafka and then discuss it – always with a wry smile on his face. I had to laugh when I started reading about Kafka on wiki: He regretted having to devote so much attention to his Brotberuf (“day job”, literally “bread job”). I’m going to start using “Brotberuf” more often.

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  2. David,

    Thanks for stopping by! Yes, Kafka wrote in German, but was Czech and bilingual – his family were upwardly mobile Jews and I guess German was cooler – kind of like English and Spanish in this country.

    I read somewhere and for the life of me can’t put my hands on it, but it was related that Kafka would read this parable to groups of his literati circle and by the end of his reading he was convulsing with laughter!

    A side note; Kafka was kind of a weird dude but not that weird. He was very good at his job – had a law degree and worked for the state insurance agency. He never married, but had a string of girls, girl-friends and mistresses. He was a sharp dresser, neat, quiet, and good looking.

    He died before the NAZI madness; but had he not fled like his friend and publisher Max Brod, he probably would have died in a concentration camp as all three of his sisters and most of his friends died.

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