First things first; Profanity.  Some blogs abhor it and firmly moderate profanity.  Some encourage it.  And this blog is in part a literature blog and profanity is part of the language; it is as a matter of fact sometimes used in the context of literature; so you will see some profanity here – rule of thumb – don’t use it if you don’t need it.  I will abide by this.  But this is an entertainment blog dealing with adult topics and it may not be entirely suitable for minors.

Profanity directed at someone; and surely directed at someone on this blog will be moderated.

If you disagree on occasion , and I hope you do, (it keeps it interesting) be courteous and stick to what was actually said. Trolls, and you know who you are, will eventually be found out and banned.

I will close down any thread that turns into a flame war.

Thread-jacking:  it happens.  Overtly commercial pitches unrelated to the post will be moderated.  But getting off topic…well; not so much.  But please allow a few to four or five or so directly related comments to go by before going all off-the-wall on me!

My blog, my rules, subject to change at any time.







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