Welcome to the Alan Olee Book Report!  Who is Alan Olee?  He’s my literary alter-ego and my stage name.  Here’s my story:

I was born in Oregon some time ago; raised in California one of eight children.  I was quite smart in school, particularly good at reading and anything involving showing-off.  I was a student athlete, but, I hated school, fought against everything, and was generally a poor student and a very bad little boy.

I landed in the local jail a couple of times – disturbing the peace, fights, dancing after midnight, being a general loudmouth, you name it.  Was routinely bullied; fought back like a wolverine.  Lost my front teeth in middle school.  Yeah.  That was me.

Dropped out of high-school and joined the Army just at the closing of the Viet Nam war; served in the tank corps for three years.  Had many adventures in my assignment in Germany.  Took classes, studied, learned to love classical music, member of the Army boxing team.  Began to seriously wonder how the world worked.  Read a lot of books.  Still do.

Got out of the military and started a business which promptly failed. Entered college as a Philosophy major.   Got interested in music and started studying oboe, clarinet, saxophone and musical composition. Went to music school and was promptly, and well deservitively kicked out in short order.

Then the worst thing to ever happen to me, happened to me.  I fell in love.  Let it be known, I had never known or even imagined such a horribly strong set of emotions existed in the universe.  Dark time lasting about two years, marriage, divorce, homeless, aimless.

Joined a National Guard Band and stayed in the military music program for the next 23 years.  Played music as a side job and in fact I still do.  Got married to a wonderful person – love not in love; big difference.  Got a job in “drafting” in industrial design and eventually finished a four-year degree in Mechanical Engineer and still do mechanical design for a living.

This blog is about my love of stories, story telling and poetry.  It’s also about the amazing times we live in – amazing machines and structures that dwarf any time before right now.

So.  If you are into (or want to get into!), stories, flying motorcycles, Mars colonization, poetry, unmanned missions to Pluto, ancient history, unsolved mysteries, opera, art and architecture, you are in the right place ’cause that’s what we talk about here.

If you are into politics, religion, or sensational current events, you are on the wrong blog.


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