3 comments on “Walking on Tiptoe

    • I was talking with a poet friend of my today about this poem, and he thought it was (particularly with my intro) a “creepy” poem. Maybe. But definitely it gets under your skin somehow. Kooser is an interesting poet. I’m sure a lot of high-brows don’t think much of him. He spent his working years as an insurance executive.

      When I first started reading him, I too, on some level (actually kind of a superficial level) discounted him as a midwestern type; talented, but kind of a Prairie-Home-Companion dude with soul. After hanging around his poetry for awhile though, and maybe getting a little more mature (nah, just older!) I have a renewed interest in his style and his message. There’s more than I originally thought.

      This poem has some juice, for sure.


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