6 comments on “Rosetta Mission Stand Down

  1. that was very interesting and informative. I still feel sort of sad for Philae— that after all the tremendous hours of work and calculations to get everything to coordinate that it just ‘crashed and burned’! Hope it will have another chance when it feels the sun!


    • Actually, the Philae mission is being called successful. Space mission success or failure is defined before launch – and they officially hit all the milestones for success; which I believe was landing Philae on the comet which did happen – not exactly according to plan; but they did get it to stick to the surface!

      And they ran enough tests and got results within the 56 or 57 hour battery life to call it a successful mission. I haven’t seen any results posted yet; maybe they’ve figured out were all the ice went to!

      Just kind of unfortunate they chose solar panels instead of a nuclear battery; but hey, they’re Europeans and might have been biased against anything nuclear for PR reasons. (Don’t tell the anti-nuke crowd what’s inside X-Ray machines!)

      Anyhow, Rosetta is still out there orbiting and she has all kinds of scientific gear on board so we’ll learn more – like maybe were all the ice is hiding! Maybe it’s all under the rocks. But why would it be there? Hope we find out. It’s starting to bug me.

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  2. That photo of Philae departing is just amazing – to my knowledge the first time a probe has photographed its lander heading off. I think there’s another of the Rosetta probe, from Philae. It’s been an extraordinary mission so far by all counts – and, of course, the science is still coming. Not least via the data already stacked up for processing.

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  3. Matthew,

    I am looking forward their findings – really this is just unprecedented discovery. There has been a lot of conjecture about comets – and I’m sure much of it well founded – but let’s face it; you don’t really know until you go actually check it out. This is the first time such a detailed examination has taken place, and I hope the ESA findings are made widely public.

    Your write up here: http://mjwrightnz.wordpress.com/2014/11/16/the-gravity-of-the-comet-landing-and-why-its-better-than-celebrity-butt/

    is really excellent and I recommend it to all my readers.


    • annissao,

      Good one! I hadn’t made the connection. Looks like the absolute definition of desolate, doesn’t it?

      Really quite the mystery these comet things. If you want to know what I think, this mission is going to raise more questions that it answers. We just don’t know a lot of things we think we know.

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