4 comments on “Ancient Greek Timeline

  1. The TImeline for History students is a really good idea and I hope that many teachers implement it…thanks for taking the time to lay out this information— it really helps to sort out the pieces of this somewhat complicated piece of history!

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    • Yes, the ancient Greeks can be confusing compared to say, the ancient Romans. We are a lot more familiar with the drama of ancient Rome, with Shakespeare plays (Julius Cesare) to Hollywood movies (Cleopatra) and probably because of this we think we can identify with Romans better – but Romans were very culturally different from us; probably as much as the Greeks were. We just aren’t that familiar with ancient Greek history and characters. There is a lot to learn and understand by studying them though; and a lot of tremendous stories. Glad you liked the timeline idea – it was harder than I thought and I know I left out a lot of good stuff. It’s a work in progress.


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