3 comments on “Herodotus – Cyrus the Great and the End of Book I

  1. As Johnny Carson used to say ‘ this is wild stuff’!!!!!— guess Cyrus did not have the last laugh after all— after being SO CLEVER— still got it in the end!!!!! it’s appreciated that you can distill this information- which is pretty terse reading for us ‘average’ readers!!!!!

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  2. Thanks for taking me out of classical antiquity and the Western perspective. I’ve read translations of the Iliad and the Odyssey and what sticks with me is the bloody battle scenes choreographed by the gods to be played out in the mortal world. Queen Tomryis dunking of Cyrus’ head in a bloody bag of skin. Awesome. Better than a good horror movie. More fascinating than watching a train wreck. So, do you think Queen Tomryis and Queen Boudica, if they had been born in the same place and time, would be besties or frenemies?

    All joking aside, I very much enjoyed reading about Cyrus and going off on tangents via Wikepedia.

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