4 comments on “Giving Thanks

  1. some interesting thoughts on a holiday that is such an intrinsic part of our Culture that we usually fail to analyze it except in terms of who we have to spend it with or the people we don’t want to spend it with or the family members, we would just as soon skip as spend the day with. I remember so many Thanksgivings hoping to avoid going to my Aunt’s— (more than I want to go into) and then other times, being ‘thankful’ that I could go there and now that she is gone— I am sorry for the times I was resistant… but I think that I am now resisting the idea of eating so much delicious food that you would just as soon focus on almost anything else than be left with that feeling of ennui and exhaustion that comes with the meal……. I am Thankful for many things, though and I think that focusing on why our lives are better than most is a very necessary and good thing and keeps us on a ‘forward’ path!

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  2. OK – Space Stations Spotting was simply awesome! It was an absolutely cloudless, Arizona sky, with no moon in view. Waiting for its northerly approach we noted the planet Venus overhead glowing with a piercing brightness; and then from the northwest, suddenly coming into view there it was, on a southeast trajectory silently cutting across a purple sky, like a man-made shooting star in slow-motion it picked up speed and shone ever brighter as it passed us overhead, passing Venus, and trailing off into the faint hinting tint of the coming dawn.

    Amazing and wonderful.

    And I introduced a new person to Space Station Spotting and she thought it was pretty cool! As a matter of fact, it was kind of cold for Arizona; according to my weather logger it was 43.4 degrees F with a relative humidity of 60%. Snuggle time!

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