4 comments on “Rosetta: Solar PV fails to deliver, not enough sunshine

  1. Cruise over to Tallblokes Talkshop because he’s a sharp guy with a lot of sharp friends. Yes he’s English – but he’s cool!

    Anyhow, they are bagging pretty heavy (and IMHO rightly so..) on the decision to use all solar panel power on the lander instead of the far more conservative and reliable nuclear battery which is pretty much standard practice on any deep-space mission. Just stupid to have lost their lander after achieving what they did.

    We’ll have a complete highly technical follow up late in the weekend – if Philae does indeed die, we will have an appropriately solemn eulogy.

    But don’t give up hope just yet…that little techno-toy is still alive and he’s sending various readings back to the mother-ship – he’s not dead; just starving to death for juice.

    God I hope they figure something out!


    • annissao,

      Thanks for the link! I listened to the weird comet song… bizarre. I wonder if the frequency of the recording, you know those clicking sounds, are an artifact of the signal processing, or if they are an actual component of the sound – they sounded pretty consistent frequency-wise. So if that frequency is from the comet, the something that is generated the sound is like a vibration or something else repetitive / cyclical.

      Oh. Also your link had some helpful ads – here’s one:

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      And this informative little tidbit about one of our important Basketball celebrities:

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      There is just so much to learn on the internet!

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