2 comments on “A Book Report! No, Just a Preview…

  1. Think it is great you are reviewing the books that others won’t take the time to read as they have much to offer and we appreciate your doing this!


    • Thanks for the kind words, and yes; you got it, I’m reading all these books so the people with much to offer don’t have to read them – therefore having more time to offer stuff. Hope that’s clear!

      For the next installment, I am tempted to do a write up on the section Herodotus wrote about Babylon, specifically how in ancient Babylon they made sure all the girls got a husband; even the unattractive ones, but I think instead I’m going to tackle the section that provides the best rationale I have ever heard for why all men of fighting age need to play the harp instead of, you know, fight! Has to do with your health.


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