6 comments on “Hello World!

    • Thanks Tash! I just got led through the process of moderating you and I liked it! Nothing personal. I also think I got clued on that very important step in blog-land, BANNING SOMEONE FOR LIFE – Feel the Power!! Nah… shouldn’t need to resort to that. It’s just a blog about music, art, poetry, science and technology; shouldn’t elicit too much mindless passion.

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    • Trent,

      Thanks for stopping by! You know my story, I used to think blogs were barbaric. And they certainly can be. Bad spelling. Omitting umlauts from a poem by Germany’s finest female poet (Oops!). Rudeness. Oh my! But as you know, some years back I got hooked on reading them and one of the things I like most is learning stuff. Everybody has different knowledge bases and experiences. Here’s something I run into: I read a blog post, think its wrong, am itching to get in there and set things straight, but quell my initial response and instead read the comments. And there I am. Someone beat me to it! And then someone else rebuts my position. Wait. What! Google. Ends up I would have fallen into a trap; or worse, heaven forbid, been WRONG.

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