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    • Yeah, when I first started tracking the progress, I didn’t realize how big the project was going to be as the rendition just shows the south-facing facade – no parking structure and no indication of north-south size. The east side of the building (photo taken facing west) shows how far back it goes. I have also taken shots of the project while walking in the Scottsdale Quarter but the camera is pointed practically straight up – they’ve got it crammed in right next to the Quarter. They’re not done yet, but I’m glad to have started and continued photoing its progress.


  1. Super cool pictures. I really like the one where they only have half the windows in -it looks surreal. The astounding amount of design, from the structure, to the systems (plumbing, electrical, etc) and the layout of the interior spaces to the execution is mind boggling.

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    • Hi Jenny!

      Amazing huh? And you’d think there would be people just scrambling all over the place on such a large-scale project. No. Just a few guys and a bunch of lifts and cranes. It was interesting to me how they put the stairs in the interior right after they get the initial steel up – I mean duh! how else are they going to get between floors? They have also made more progress since I posted these photos and it looks like they are building a sky-way between the main building and the parking structure. I gotta check it out when it’s done!


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